Book 1

In the Pirate Series

About Book 1

The Pirate Book Series is an amazing book series centered on an alchemist named Darius. Darius grew up wealthy and had tons of opportunity as a young man, but since leaving his apprenticeship, he took on piracy in order to give himself freedom to solve the world's biggest question. Can gold be made from nothing?

I wanted to share the first passage from the book series with you and see what you think?

"The dim lanterns swayed lazily with the steady rocking of the ship. There were three in total. Each lantern hung in front of a small crudely made jail cell. The cell floors were lined with a thin layer of dirt and muck. In some places there were stray bits of straw, which suggested that the cells may have once held animals. Darius held back the urge to suck in a big gulp of air and let out a sigh. He had tied a bandana around his head to cover his nose and mouth, but it did little to dilute the stench. He squatted in the only small spot in his cell that seemed to be clear of the mystery sludge. He went through the plan in his mind over and over, making sure nothing was miscalculated. He had already discovered several ways to easily escape his disgusting prison, but he couldn't act now. He had to wait."

Let us know what you thought of the first paragraph of the book! We are so excited to finish the first book and we can't wait to share the rest of it with you!

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