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Author of the Pirate Series

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I am so excited to finally get this first book out there! I started writing the first book in the pirate series an entire year ago. I am in the thick of editing and am excited to be making progress towards getting this book out into the world.

Thanks so much for your interest and support and I hope you will love reading this book as much as I loved writing it. Before I can get to the launch stage, I was hoping for a favor from you.

I want to recruit you to be a part of my book launch team!

A launch team is a group of people working together to create a successful launch of a book. The team will be helping directly with marketing and getting the word out about this amazing book before it is officially launched. There are many steps to publishing and launching a book and I would love your help!

By entering your email in the form below you will be added to the team, and I'll be sending you specific information on how you can help. As well as the fabulous things you will get in return. There will be secret missions, challenges, polls, contests, and so much more!

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About Book 1

This book is the first in an adventurous book series centered on an alchemist named Darius. Darius grew up in a wealthy family and had many of opportunity as a young man, but since finishing his apprenticeship, he has taken on piracy in order to give himself the freedom to solve an alchemist's biggest question. Can gold be made from nothing?

Want a glimpse into the first book? Click below and read the first paragraph from Book 1.

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